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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Jeff vs. Angela. The winner is...

Geez what an episode!

So all of this anxiety about "Change of campus? Change of campus?!?" has been answered; the designers go to Paris. Speaking of Paris... check out these pieces of a mini-collection I'm workin' on. It's supposed to emanate a Parisian romance.

Snazzy aint it. Mmmmmmmkay enough about me. Onto the episode.

The models come out onto the runway to be selected or eliminated. Each designer decides to stay with their own models, Kayne hesitating just a little. I see that people are getting sick of Amanda. Let me clear something up for you. AMANDA IS AMAZING. SHE IS SO NICE AND PLEASANT. I MET HER. O_O. But if she did say "she deserves to win," then I guess the other models have a reason to bitch.

Heidi introduces the challenge in broad strokes. "You will be making an outfit for a jetsetter," she generalized to the designers.

Tim later announced that they will model themselves. Angela was screaming like usual.

After much workroom banter and Jeff hatred, we arrive back on the runway.

Michael: Outstanding. I definitely would've been happy with you winning this one. The seersucker pant was a brilliant idea, ghetto yet sophisticated. The motorcycle top was masculine and REALLY REALLY cool. And as Tim said, your brilliance once again manifested. You resolved the t-shirt issue by creating a shirtjacket; an idea that earned you a spot in the top two. Fantastic like usual, Michael.

Laura: I guess I'll detach my taste because I didn't love the color (too much like the skin)... but anyway. I've realized that Laura's design philosophy (to me) is structural elegance. In every piece she makes, I see that same chic frame and that same elegant structure to it. She once again created a beautiful cocquetaille dress to wear to a dinner party. But is it really appropriate on a plane? Then again, it's Laura.

Ulrike: I thought it was outstanding. Shouting. Colorful. Sexy. Elegant. Her combination of prints is of course masterful and your incorporation of these prints into the silhouette and design is, like usual, mystifying. However, yet again, Uli made the same highwaisted dress that breezes down the beachside of St. Tropez. And again it's a dress that you would NOT see in, let's say, Paris? Time to do more, Uli... especially because I believe you can truly take this entire thing.

Jeffrey: Fantastic, and in such a short amount of time! It's unbelievable that Jeffrey was able to achieve a three-piece look in ONE DAY. His jacket was a home run from the start... I could see that the leather and purple fabric would combine together really well. The pants were really fitted and went well with the shirt (which also was amazing). To seal his win, he added the best accessories. Um, was that Eiffel Tower necklace a prophesy? Anyway, congratulations Jeff.

Kayne: This was tacky. The black fabric paired with that unbelievable print created like a rocker-pinball-Elvis look that I'm sure no jetsetter desired. His pant was well made, but whatever because that 'KAYNE' belt tackied it up. I know that Kayne has taste... just look at his dog challenge outfit. A slice of heaven! Just snap back into it Kayne, or else!

Vincent: At first, I was moaning the word "Borrrrrring." But after a while, I started to secretly agree with Costa (Costa?). It seemed basic yet slightly tasteful, especially for Vincent. The thing I really liked is that he paired his look with some flipflops. It gave Vincent a laid back look that I always feel he desires to be perceived as.

Angela: Angela's outfit was a hot mess. And I called it last episode, "I don't see Angela making it any further. I just feel she will create her ticket out of this competition next week." My friend Alex sighed in despondence to my haruspication, seemingly he's a big fan of her personality. Indeed, Angela sewed up a freaky top (that could've been good if sewn correctly) with a chuncky pant. To top it all off... fleurschamps and rosettes plagued the entire look like fleas on putrid roadkill. But hei, I'll miss Angela greatly. And so will my dejected friend Alex. Au revoir, Angela. I hope you enjoyed your one-day bivouac to Paris.

Stay tuned for more posts.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Project Designer 4: Building on Fashion.

Hei I'm back again for my second critique on PD4. But first...

Please enjoy some of my recent work! :D!

Back to Project Designer.

This time, the seven remaining competitors had to create a garment inspired from a famous building/monument. Chris Rogers, the head, assigned buildings to each designer randomly:

Catzilla: Empire State Building.
Sparklefly: Eiffel Tower.
Lasmith: Sears Tower.
Panda-Eyes: Chrysler Building.
Wakasashe-Fashion: Jin Mao Building.
Adelaida: Sydney Opera House.
Ceazar: Taj Mahal.

Here's what they came up with.

Wakasashe-Fashion: Another excellent win for wakasashe. He decided to create a less-than-literal translation of the Jin Mao. He used the dorsal skirt and back of the dress as the translative design for the tiered architecture of the building. The bust was sexy and stunning and he sealed the win by adding the chic touch of a fur accessory. You're on a roll, wakasashe.

Panda-Eyes: I didn't ADORE this outfit, but I may be projecting taste. I found that the diaphanous fabric panda used paired with the solidity of the chrysler pattern was a bit too much contrast. However, other fabulous details such as the hem and neck scarf saved it from coming anywhere near the bottom. Solid performance, panda.

Sparklefly: I share the same feelings with this dress as I do Panda's. I think that the bottom fo teh skirt is a bit weird and I wonder how the dress fabric would mesh with the solidity of the ogive on the bottom. Having said that, other stunning details such as the back saved it completely.

Lasmith: Unfortunately I didn't love this as much as the others. I felt it was oddly too literal a design with the curtaining fabric falling down along with the geometric dark print. It looks like the dress is also hanging over a lantern that the model is concealing between her legs. On the other hand, all my friends and family feel that this is fashion forward and extremely modern, so I'll say that if I pardon my taste, I'll fell this is a pretty strong piece.

~From here on, the pictures wouldn't load onto the blog. Thanks guys! >:\~

Catzilla: I didn't like the fact that Catzilla's design was SUCH an prolonged deviation from the Empire State Building. If you look in her notes, yes, she circled numerous shaftlike structures situated at the top of the building that alludes to the tiered shape of her skirt. The colors were cool and the dress save the intention was fabulous, however.

Ceazar: This was a FABULOUS dress and an EXCELLENT solution to the challenge. Ceazar had the Taj Mahal, so he decided to take the background of the structure, namely the mid-eastern motifs and Dravida, and translate it into a thematic dress. It didn't necessarily remind me of the building itself, but it had mid-east tones and ornamentations to create fabulous picture for the audience. Even the hair was spot on this time. FANTASTIC, Ceazar.

Adelaida (OUT): I thought it was fabulous. The color story and the incorporation of the environs surrounding the opera house was a great idea. I do sympathize with Chris in that the bust of the outfit doesn't seem wearable, and if so very uncomfortable. The incorporation of the actual building itself seemed a little weak to me as well. However, the hat and skirt were completely amazing and I really am not sure if you'd be out if I judged it... Anyway, I see a promising future lying ahead for you, Adelaida. Good luck and congrats on making it this far.

Stay tuned for the next PR installment.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Nachos and Mommas


Please enjoy this picture of me noticing that there was a hair in my nachos. Please don't mind while I eat as I blog.


Ok so onto Project Runway. The show starts off traditionally in Atlas where we see Jeffrey, naturally bitching about Angela's outfit in relation to that of the recently auf'd Alison.

The camera pans to the runway where Heidi introduces the task by "bringing out the models..."

Oh my god! It's mom!

The mothers and sisters parade out onto the runway to see a crying Angela, Uli, and Laura. No men crying. That's surprising.

Heidi tells them that their challenge is to design for these models and CANNOT pick their own mom/sister.

Michael chooses Robert’s sister, Teresa. Laura chooses Jeffrey’s mother, Pam. Vincent chooses Uli’s mother, Heidi. Angela chooses Laura’s mother, Lorraine. Kayne chooses Michael’s mother, Pamela. Uli chooses Kayne’s mother, Judy. Robert chooses Vincent’s sister, Patricia. Jeffrey is last and is forced to pick his best friend's mom, Darlene. This should be good.

Later, we see some tension between jackass Jeffrey and Darlene. Darlene doesn't love the fabrics (I partially sympathize with Jeffrey ONLY in the way that Darlene might be neurotic... I face a neurotic mother (my friend's mom NOT mine... mine is amazing) daily) because they seem matronly. I never knew that a light blue is consistently matronly. Huh.


Jeffrey is a dickhead and tells her that he wants her to go away and insists that she is insecure. Mhm whatever with that.

And I kinda wonder what Jeff's mom thinks of Jeff as well... but in any case, that pose she made behind the scrim was pretty cool before she appeared on the runway. That of which we will talk about right now.

Vincent: I mean, it's nice... but that's it. I definitely take Tim's stance on Vincent in that I never really love any of his designs. To tell you the truth, yes, this is chic overall, but the lapels seemed, like many other aspects in all of his other designs, alieny and extraterrestrial. In addition, Vincent didn't have the challenge of fitting a plus-size... he just had to design. As Tim said, "Congratulations Vincent, whatever you are."

Uli: I am in utter disbelief that Uli didn't win. I simply thought that her design was perfect in every way. It was flattering, colorful, daring, modern, elongating and everything and more. Like usual, Uli paired prints masterfully to create a gorgeous piece. Uli, you were truly robbed and I think you deserve to do some judge bashing. Have some Haagen Dasz...

Michael's design was, like usual, clean and sexy and deserving of the top three. I understand where Kors is coming from with the matronly, but I also get Nina's analysis of "It's reversible? Oh. Okay." And I LOVED how Teresa worked it. She could be a model. Laura made yet another perfectly constructed and tailored piece for Pam. I again say that it was COOL! to see Pam make that COOL! pose before the walk. Again, how cool. The outfit, yeah it's a little aging and unflattering, but whatever it's fine. Passing easily. On the other hand, I can't say the same about Kayne's. I thought that the shirt and pant weren't great or flattering, and then that weird fabric that doesn't pair well with the coral shirt was like... a bib. Not a great design Kayne. Get back on the road. And you know what... I actually kinda liked Angela's piece. I didn't feel it was too young at all, and it suited Lorraine well. She did a great job walking as well. I do agree, however, that it isn't too Audrey Hepburn.

Jeffrey: At first when I couldn't see well, I thought the design was cool. Then I saw it for what it was. He blended the two darks arbitrarily with the periwinkle TRIANGLE on the shirt. The layers were really Jeffrey and literally that's not a good thing. The skirt fell to the ankles causing the outfit to become unflattering AND matronly. The jacket was weird and like harleyish especially on Darlene. Jeff, thank the fashion gods that you're in because Darlene nailed it.

Robert: I knew Robert was a goner once I saw the outfit debut on the runway. It was basic, unflattering, the red and black seemed too contrasting, and it was just really really ... boring. Again boring. Unfortunately Robert had been boring twice before so the judges were definitely gonna kick his ass this time around. Robert, you have a great personality and the show will suffer in your absence. G'luck in future endeavors.

Stay tuned for the Project Designer critique. Fabulous dresses come with fabulous... buildings.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Project Designer 4: Suit Up.

Chris Rogers, head of Project Designer, asked me to give a weekly critique on each challenge's Project Designer designs.

This week, I'll comment on each design for the challenge Suit Up. Designers needed to design a suit for the working woman.

Oh and as of this week... eight remained.

Wakasashe-fashion: Excellent win. Believe it or not, it doesn't seem to be my taste. My design is less conservative... literally more bitchy and less colorful o-o. Anyway I love the marriage of the colors. I don't love the size of the skirt but oh well... and the shoe color is random. Save those two blips and a true winner it is.

Sparklefly: Excellent job. I felt that the understated brown fabric paired with the cerulean made for a stunning color combination. The vest and undershirt are adorable, and the back of the sleeved bolero (?) is fabulous. This tailored, chic look could've won in my eyes. Great show, sparkle.

Ceazar: Yet another stunning look from Ceazar. Like Sparklefly, Ceazar chose a brown fabric for the suiting. He made long, tailored pants and a vest with a sharp, geometric lapel and a single button (which I actually believe to be an unexpected innovation). His pairing with the maroon colored undershirt was brilliant, and I love the poofs on the sleeves. In all the look is romantic and feminine. A contender for the win it was, Ceazar.

Panda-eyes: I felt this look was very decent. Panda made, out of all the contestants, a look that resembles a suit the closest. There are a few things less desirable about this piece; I don't love the color of the jacket and skirt... it seems way to conservative and possibly dowdy. Something so buttoned up confuses the entire look when it's paired with a more shouting piece, such as the red and white undershirt. Having said that, this piece is definitely "in."

Catzilla: I adored this. Literally if I had a major say in this challenge, you may have won. It was hip, colorful, and very today. I loved the print of the vest and pants and even more than that, I loved how those prints combined with the brown undershirt. It created a beautiful, tailored look that I could easily see crossing the streets of Madison Avenue.

Adelaida: Um... I don't think that Adelaida put as much effort into this design as she did her others... it seems, as Chris stated, poorly drawn and poorly conceived. The exaggerated dorsal lapel makes her look a little clowny paired with that ribbon on the bottom of the vest. The skirt that poofs out seems inappropriately paired with the top as an intended business suit, and I barely know what that cloud thing is on the skirt. Ruffles? Anyway, Adelaida, you're lucky to still be in.

Lasmith: I really liked this look. The jacket is simple yet classic, animated yet chic. The color palate could've been more gripping, and that probably took the look out of any chance of winning. The skirt, although tailed innovatively, is a bit drab with its plain white color. The undershirt has a cool color combination, the beige and red. Anyway, very good job, Lasmith.

Ilani (OUT): Okay... no, this isn't your best piece ever. It is way too noisy and the color print doesn't work well. The jacket is VERY chic and lovely, and the undershirt is understated and classic, save the collar. You may have wanted to ditch the plaid, seemingly the rest of the garment is already filled with noisy colors. The skirt doesn't seem right for a business suit, but I may be projecting taste. The boots, however, were definitely fabulous. Sorry Ilani, I personally didn't think you should've been eliminated, but someone had to go. Your designs have been seducing thus far and best luck in the future.

And with that said, this is the end of my weekly Project Designer critique. Check back next time when we dive into architecturally inspired couture.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New Jersey isn't THAT bad...

Hello again.

This episode of Project Runway, I felt, contained a disappointing challenge. I love a challenge where each and every designer makes their own outfit made out of clothing in which a few blow us away and a few make us cringe. This time, they had to make a garment out of garbage. Yet another craft project challenge just like episode one.

So the designers travel to New Jersey where Laura complains about how much the state sucks. HER STATEMENT IS NOT TRUE (but not entirely false either).


I LIVE IN NJ. IT IS A NICE PLACE TO LIVE (in certain areas). Okay, so the governor came out of the closet. Hei, who cares that he's gay anyway.

Anyway, I feel like showing you what NJ is really like:

Oh wait... how did that third pic get in there? Anyway. I'm just like you and you folks, with exception to Newark and maybe a few other radioactive towns and... well... counties.

Back on track. The designers enter a big warehouse in Newark that recycles the north's refuse. There, Tim tells them that they'll be designing from garbage. They rummage and sift and then leave for an artsy Angela store to buy some strings and things.

And now for the runway.

Uli: EXCELLENT design. Uli was one of the few designers to take garbage and weave it into a beautiful, plausible (from afar) looking fabric archetype. She draped this fabric as a short skirt and added a sweetheart-y top made out of paper. It looks like feasible fabric from here. Another spectacular showing from Uli.

Angela: Not so fabulous. I look at the design and see arts and crafts kindergarten work. This piece was just as papery as the Angela store that I made fun of earlier. I don't see why this wasn't in the bottom three this week... but hei I'll get to that later. Her design was random and arbitrary, the construction was unimpressive and papery, and pretty much it deserved to go back into the refuse of paper that the designers discarded and gave back TO the recycling company. Angela, you're all over the place here.

Robert: A very decent and laudable design by Robert. I was glad to see that he pulled himself out of this boring hump that he seemed to recede more and more into as the episodes dragged on. It was shouting, sexy, and sleek. I especially loved the signature bows that Robert put into the bust of the design. Great job, Robert.

Michael: YAY!!!!! This is a SECOND win for Michael (who is now the first to win two in the season!). The look was chic, sophisticated, and completely fashion forward. Michael, as the judges stated, has an incredible talent with the presentation of the design (hair... explanation). He truly seduces the audience into believing that he's a great designer. The boy is in the door of fashion for the long run, I see.

Jeffrey: This design is extremely Jeffrey. I must say that I'm getting slightly sick of the "beautiful ugly" (as said by Kors) that is Jeffrey. However, after detaching my own taste in design, I found that his piece was a stunning spectacle and held up well in the top three. And yes, the bodice was truly unbelievable. As Tim said, it's as if you want to get closer because you don't know what the fabric is. In addition, this was the only moving design on the runway! Kudos to Jeffrey!

Laura: Let's clear up ANY misconception of this design. This design should NOT be described as basic; morely classic. It was a classic piece styled like Courreges (which by now is VERY Laura already) and held up well with those of Jeff and Michael. Although I didn't get the meaning of "only nuts here," she still was able to achieve (what I believe to be) the first runway design that wasn't completely inficete. Laura, I hope you make it to the end, along with your volatile personality (tactless, however may it be).

Kayne: Eesh what a misstep! I've MET Amanda and never would I picture her looking this ridiculous. The design was bound for an elementary school play, and I bet it would be worn by some forest monster of some sort. It was scary and lumpy and the top completely didn't go with the bottom. However, I'm only thankful that Kayne didn't use that preposterous skirt that he crafted. Alison (and horrifyingly, Vincent) would've been an afterthought hadn't Kayne thrown out that horrendous skirt.

Vincent: Absolutely, absolutely appalling. I mean, what is he still doing on the f***ing show?!? This design, I felt, is the most poorly conceived design that I may have ever seen in the history of Project Runway. The challenge was to make garbage into fabulous. Pathetically, Vincent took strings and things and threw it onto a blank canvas. In end, it was oblique, ugly, and simply atrocious. (How come no one seems to be lambasting Vincent's design concepts?!? They are all weak!) Vincent, I count down the seconds until I'm relieved to see you auf'd. Alison was robbed.

Alison: Oh whatever it isn't that bad. Okay, so the design is not constructed to fit the zoftig Alexandra, but hei, it's editorial and interesting. The bubble skirt was one of the first that I've ever liked and the bodice was totally interesting. The deconstruction and asymmetry were fine and the corset was pretty cool. Tim even said that the design could've won, save the fat fit. Yes, the bow wasn't great and Minnie Mouse isn't too great an idea. But let me point out an inherent contradiction in Kors' thinking: He found that Kayne could construct clothing well so he's in. Yet, Alison was able to masterfully tailor that jacket during the dog challenge. Alison, you're a great designer, you shouldn't have been out, and I (along with all of America I'm sure) will miss you.

The judges' "matter of taste" is starting to become a bit of an issue on this show. Snap out of it, people.

See you next time for another critic's dish!

Monday, August 14, 2006

The results are...

Bitch. I'm Chloe.

"You are Chloe: You're a control freak and a fan of sticking to what works, but that can be a bit boring. You enjoy clean lines so you may be a bit of a neat freak but people love your classic sense of style."

639 other people got this result! This quiz has been taken 7957 times. 8% of people had this result.

That means I'm in the top eight percent O_O. Just kidding.

Click here to find out which PR2 designer you are:


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Project Runway: Iconic Statement.

Greetings, fellow PR fans! I write to you my first critique of Project Runway, starting with episode five, Iconic Statement.

As usual, the episode begun with in the Atlas apartments. It reintroduces Robert kvetching about his second-to-last place finishing last episode and how he can't be boring for the next. I love how he commits to his words (NOT!).

The next scene takes place back on the runway, where Heidi announced that things will be "switched up" a bit. The models were picked out of the *~*velvet bag*~* (as Tim always stated) to pick the designers they desired. We were left with Katia and Javi to boot out of the show. I was outraged. Already the competition isn't really fair to the models, and now they simply make it into some sort of lottery! A travesty it truly was. I was surprised by the lack of response to this as well; Tim doesn't even comment on the switch up in his Tim's Take blog. . Heidi announced that each designer will modernize the looks of previous icons.

The models were taken to the workroom where they had to pummel each other to get to the picture of the icon they thought worked best with their designer.

In end... the results:

Alison: Farrah Fawcett.
Bradley: Cher.
Angela: Audrey Hepburn.
Kayne: Marilyn Monroe.
Laura: Katherine Hepburn.
Vincent: Twiggy.
Michael: Pam Grier.
Robert: Jackie Onassis.
Uli: Diana Ross.
Jeff: Madonna.

Uproar erupted in the workroom once Angela broke the sewing machine. She transferred to someone else's machine and Jeffrey threw a fit. He yelled at Angela that he didn't like her and that she should simply sew her shit herself. Laura stepped in and to my surprise, Jeff responded with attractive quacking in a personal interview. Classy, Jeffrey.

~fast forward~

The runway show arrives and Heidi trots out in an intriguing peasant-in-Zelda outfit. She reminds the designers that they had hair consultation with THE Nathaniel and that the winner will go into Elle as a Tresemme advertisement. And because of this, no immunity! Because that's GREAT reasoning...

Heidi-peasant turns around to introduce the judges. Kors is back to gab about how ugly or ewy the loser's garment is. The camera then pans to Diane Von Furstenberg, a personally favorite designer of mine. Tim was more than right to say that she is masterful with prints. Just look at these:


So... onto the designs.

Alison: I wasn't wowed by the design. I didn't seem overly modern, almost dowdy. I thought that the skirt could've been a little more dramatic AND the fabric seemed a bit cheap, and I don't love the cut of the bust. Most of all, I HATE that hair! But hei, now I'm just projecting taste. Tim said that it was a winner in his eyes, so I guess I should start to detach myself... if possible...

Laura: Laura, I feel, could be one of the strongest designers in the bunch because of just one thing: Everytime a design of hers comes out, I am SURE that it's her's. It's always geometric, clean, and sophisticated. I didn't adore the fabric color of the pants... it could've been more modern. The top, however, is to die for. Laura pulled off a fabulous look that completely shouted Katherine Hepburn.

Uli: Another successful design, but I'm starting to feel that Uli is becoming a one-note. If you look at her other designs, ALL of them contain a dress that has a high bust and a bottom that starts at the bottom of the bust going down, usually ending at the ankles, projecting her Floridian roots and taste. Yes, this was color and a bit of a deviation from her normal, but still I feel underwhelmed by the monotony.

Jeff: Ewww!!! I am getting sicker and sicker of this man's designs. I understand that this is a matter of taste, but please, how many share HIS taste... I mean, enough with the deconstruction already! It even looks shabby as stagewear, no matter how costumey stagewear gets. I can't believe he expects to win this competition...

Michael: Bravo, Michael! I'm so glad to see that he FINALLY got the spotlight on this show, especially after his nonstop breathtaking designs. Coffee cups NEVER looked better in history. Okay, so onto the design. I completely understood what Kors meant with the emotional drama that ensnared the audience of the piece. He grabbed people IMMEDIATELY when Nazri turned onto the runway. I loved the piece even without the hot pants, and now that he added it, he seemed to achieve EVERY aspect of the challenge. Reminiscent yet modern. Pam yet today. A clear win, Michael. You deserve it. (The ad though... it didn't seem to showcase you... I'm sorry...)

Kayne: He created a gorgeous spectacle for the judges; a modern recapturing of Marilyn Monroe. His choice in fabrics, the gothic black leather and stretch was sure to be a winner. He even added a risky yet perfect accessory, the fur strip. Amanda (who I met and is talkative yet an UTTER DOLL who deserves to make it to fashion week) trotted aristocratically down the runway and was able to capture all that was Marilyn. Kayne, if it wasn't for the incredible prowess of your competitors, you'd be the one in Elle today. Actually, wait, didn't I see you in Elle as well?

Angela: It was a strong piece. I mean, I didn't COON over it in any way, but I can see why it was in the top three, AND I could see Diane's point of view that it was timeless. The garment could've held up well in every decade. I thought the accessory, the sunglasses, functioned well with the piece as well. Great job, Angela.

Vincent: Ewww! That was SO gross. I do NOT understand how he could say that the garment was modern. It's circusiana, but NOT modern. I never liked his garments lengths either... they end rather short and then he puts stockings on the model. I think it makes them look matronly and older. The fabric was disgusting and the pockets were, like his baskethat and epaulets, extraterrestrial. He would've been in the bottom two if I were the ultimate judge.

Robert: It was indeed boring. However, I disagree with the judges about how Jackie Onassis wouldn't wear this garment. Tim also said that Diane hushed the judges with her opinion about Jackie; she knew her and she said Jackie would wear that. Take that, Nina. But nevertheless, the fabric was shabby and unkempt and the overall look was yet another bore. Step it up, Mattel.

Bradley: Preposterous. I personally knew that Bradley wouldn't make it very far in the standings. I was always confused and hesitant about his designs from the start... his counterpane and bedridden shrug, remember? I was impressed with his dog outfit, however... I DON'T find it to be a cheap re-creation of Daniel Vosovic's orchid, AND I find it intriguingly modern. All of his designs actually... I would always say to myself "I hate that. (But do I kinda love it?...)" I don't really know. I think Tim was right to say that Bradley has this inner intelligence. He'll hold up in the fashion world. You'll see. Farewell, Bradley Baumkirchner.


Stay tuned for more kvetching and kvelling.