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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Jeff vs. Angela. The winner is...

Geez what an episode!

So all of this anxiety about "Change of campus? Change of campus?!?" has been answered; the designers go to Paris. Speaking of Paris... check out these pieces of a mini-collection I'm workin' on. It's supposed to emanate a Parisian romance.

Snazzy aint it. Mmmmmmmkay enough about me. Onto the episode.

The models come out onto the runway to be selected or eliminated. Each designer decides to stay with their own models, Kayne hesitating just a little. I see that people are getting sick of Amanda. Let me clear something up for you. AMANDA IS AMAZING. SHE IS SO NICE AND PLEASANT. I MET HER. O_O. But if she did say "she deserves to win," then I guess the other models have a reason to bitch.

Heidi introduces the challenge in broad strokes. "You will be making an outfit for a jetsetter," she generalized to the designers.

Tim later announced that they will model themselves. Angela was screaming like usual.

After much workroom banter and Jeff hatred, we arrive back on the runway.

Michael: Outstanding. I definitely would've been happy with you winning this one. The seersucker pant was a brilliant idea, ghetto yet sophisticated. The motorcycle top was masculine and REALLY REALLY cool. And as Tim said, your brilliance once again manifested. You resolved the t-shirt issue by creating a shirtjacket; an idea that earned you a spot in the top two. Fantastic like usual, Michael.

Laura: I guess I'll detach my taste because I didn't love the color (too much like the skin)... but anyway. I've realized that Laura's design philosophy (to me) is structural elegance. In every piece she makes, I see that same chic frame and that same elegant structure to it. She once again created a beautiful cocquetaille dress to wear to a dinner party. But is it really appropriate on a plane? Then again, it's Laura.

Ulrike: I thought it was outstanding. Shouting. Colorful. Sexy. Elegant. Her combination of prints is of course masterful and your incorporation of these prints into the silhouette and design is, like usual, mystifying. However, yet again, Uli made the same highwaisted dress that breezes down the beachside of St. Tropez. And again it's a dress that you would NOT see in, let's say, Paris? Time to do more, Uli... especially because I believe you can truly take this entire thing.

Jeffrey: Fantastic, and in such a short amount of time! It's unbelievable that Jeffrey was able to achieve a three-piece look in ONE DAY. His jacket was a home run from the start... I could see that the leather and purple fabric would combine together really well. The pants were really fitted and went well with the shirt (which also was amazing). To seal his win, he added the best accessories. Um, was that Eiffel Tower necklace a prophesy? Anyway, congratulations Jeff.

Kayne: This was tacky. The black fabric paired with that unbelievable print created like a rocker-pinball-Elvis look that I'm sure no jetsetter desired. His pant was well made, but whatever because that 'KAYNE' belt tackied it up. I know that Kayne has taste... just look at his dog challenge outfit. A slice of heaven! Just snap back into it Kayne, or else!

Vincent: At first, I was moaning the word "Borrrrrring." But after a while, I started to secretly agree with Costa (Costa?). It seemed basic yet slightly tasteful, especially for Vincent. The thing I really liked is that he paired his look with some flipflops. It gave Vincent a laid back look that I always feel he desires to be perceived as.

Angela: Angela's outfit was a hot mess. And I called it last episode, "I don't see Angela making it any further. I just feel she will create her ticket out of this competition next week." My friend Alex sighed in despondence to my haruspication, seemingly he's a big fan of her personality. Indeed, Angela sewed up a freaky top (that could've been good if sewn correctly) with a chuncky pant. To top it all off... fleurschamps and rosettes plagued the entire look like fleas on putrid roadkill. But hei, I'll miss Angela greatly. And so will my dejected friend Alex. Au revoir, Angela. I hope you enjoyed your one-day bivouac to Paris.

Stay tuned for more posts.


Blogger Alex said...

I think Jeffrey's win was definitely well-deserved. I basically agree with what you said about every designer except Vincent. I think his design was very blah. And yes I am heartbroken about Angela's departure. She had such a radiance of friendliness and kindness, and she never conformed to anything. I absolutely loved her reap what you sew, wall-to-wall, and iconic statement garments, and I truly believe she has a great career in store. She did great, and I will be very sad at her absence next episode.

10:25 PM  

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