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Friday, August 25, 2006

Nachos and Mommas


Please enjoy this picture of me noticing that there was a hair in my nachos. Please don't mind while I eat as I blog.


Ok so onto Project Runway. The show starts off traditionally in Atlas where we see Jeffrey, naturally bitching about Angela's outfit in relation to that of the recently auf'd Alison.

The camera pans to the runway where Heidi introduces the task by "bringing out the models..."

Oh my god! It's mom!

The mothers and sisters parade out onto the runway to see a crying Angela, Uli, and Laura. No men crying. That's surprising.

Heidi tells them that their challenge is to design for these models and CANNOT pick their own mom/sister.

Michael chooses Robert’s sister, Teresa. Laura chooses Jeffrey’s mother, Pam. Vincent chooses Uli’s mother, Heidi. Angela chooses Laura’s mother, Lorraine. Kayne chooses Michael’s mother, Pamela. Uli chooses Kayne’s mother, Judy. Robert chooses Vincent’s sister, Patricia. Jeffrey is last and is forced to pick his best friend's mom, Darlene. This should be good.

Later, we see some tension between jackass Jeffrey and Darlene. Darlene doesn't love the fabrics (I partially sympathize with Jeffrey ONLY in the way that Darlene might be neurotic... I face a neurotic mother (my friend's mom NOT mine... mine is amazing) daily) because they seem matronly. I never knew that a light blue is consistently matronly. Huh.


Jeffrey is a dickhead and tells her that he wants her to go away and insists that she is insecure. Mhm whatever with that.

And I kinda wonder what Jeff's mom thinks of Jeff as well... but in any case, that pose she made behind the scrim was pretty cool before she appeared on the runway. That of which we will talk about right now.

Vincent: I mean, it's nice... but that's it. I definitely take Tim's stance on Vincent in that I never really love any of his designs. To tell you the truth, yes, this is chic overall, but the lapels seemed, like many other aspects in all of his other designs, alieny and extraterrestrial. In addition, Vincent didn't have the challenge of fitting a plus-size... he just had to design. As Tim said, "Congratulations Vincent, whatever you are."

Uli: I am in utter disbelief that Uli didn't win. I simply thought that her design was perfect in every way. It was flattering, colorful, daring, modern, elongating and everything and more. Like usual, Uli paired prints masterfully to create a gorgeous piece. Uli, you were truly robbed and I think you deserve to do some judge bashing. Have some Haagen Dasz...

Michael's design was, like usual, clean and sexy and deserving of the top three. I understand where Kors is coming from with the matronly, but I also get Nina's analysis of "It's reversible? Oh. Okay." And I LOVED how Teresa worked it. She could be a model. Laura made yet another perfectly constructed and tailored piece for Pam. I again say that it was COOL! to see Pam make that COOL! pose before the walk. Again, how cool. The outfit, yeah it's a little aging and unflattering, but whatever it's fine. Passing easily. On the other hand, I can't say the same about Kayne's. I thought that the shirt and pant weren't great or flattering, and then that weird fabric that doesn't pair well with the coral shirt was like... a bib. Not a great design Kayne. Get back on the road. And you know what... I actually kinda liked Angela's piece. I didn't feel it was too young at all, and it suited Lorraine well. She did a great job walking as well. I do agree, however, that it isn't too Audrey Hepburn.

Jeffrey: At first when I couldn't see well, I thought the design was cool. Then I saw it for what it was. He blended the two darks arbitrarily with the periwinkle TRIANGLE on the shirt. The layers were really Jeffrey and literally that's not a good thing. The skirt fell to the ankles causing the outfit to become unflattering AND matronly. The jacket was weird and like harleyish especially on Darlene. Jeff, thank the fashion gods that you're in because Darlene nailed it.

Robert: I knew Robert was a goner once I saw the outfit debut on the runway. It was basic, unflattering, the red and black seemed too contrasting, and it was just really really ... boring. Again boring. Unfortunately Robert had been boring twice before so the judges were definitely gonna kick his ass this time around. Robert, you have a great personality and the show will suffer in your absence. G'luck in future endeavors.

Stay tuned for the Project Designer critique. Fabulous dresses come with fabulous... buildings.


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