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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Project Designer 4: Building on Fashion.

Hei I'm back again for my second critique on PD4. But first...

Please enjoy some of my recent work! :D!

Back to Project Designer.

This time, the seven remaining competitors had to create a garment inspired from a famous building/monument. Chris Rogers, the head, assigned buildings to each designer randomly:

Catzilla: Empire State Building.
Sparklefly: Eiffel Tower.
Lasmith: Sears Tower.
Panda-Eyes: Chrysler Building.
Wakasashe-Fashion: Jin Mao Building.
Adelaida: Sydney Opera House.
Ceazar: Taj Mahal.

Here's what they came up with.

Wakasashe-Fashion: Another excellent win for wakasashe. He decided to create a less-than-literal translation of the Jin Mao. He used the dorsal skirt and back of the dress as the translative design for the tiered architecture of the building. The bust was sexy and stunning and he sealed the win by adding the chic touch of a fur accessory. You're on a roll, wakasashe.

Panda-Eyes: I didn't ADORE this outfit, but I may be projecting taste. I found that the diaphanous fabric panda used paired with the solidity of the chrysler pattern was a bit too much contrast. However, other fabulous details such as the hem and neck scarf saved it from coming anywhere near the bottom. Solid performance, panda.

Sparklefly: I share the same feelings with this dress as I do Panda's. I think that the bottom fo teh skirt is a bit weird and I wonder how the dress fabric would mesh with the solidity of the ogive on the bottom. Having said that, other stunning details such as the back saved it completely.

Lasmith: Unfortunately I didn't love this as much as the others. I felt it was oddly too literal a design with the curtaining fabric falling down along with the geometric dark print. It looks like the dress is also hanging over a lantern that the model is concealing between her legs. On the other hand, all my friends and family feel that this is fashion forward and extremely modern, so I'll say that if I pardon my taste, I'll fell this is a pretty strong piece.

~From here on, the pictures wouldn't load onto the blog. Thanks guys! >:\~

Catzilla: I didn't like the fact that Catzilla's design was SUCH an prolonged deviation from the Empire State Building. If you look in her notes, yes, she circled numerous shaftlike structures situated at the top of the building that alludes to the tiered shape of her skirt. The colors were cool and the dress save the intention was fabulous, however.

Ceazar: This was a FABULOUS dress and an EXCELLENT solution to the challenge. Ceazar had the Taj Mahal, so he decided to take the background of the structure, namely the mid-eastern motifs and Dravida, and translate it into a thematic dress. It didn't necessarily remind me of the building itself, but it had mid-east tones and ornamentations to create fabulous picture for the audience. Even the hair was spot on this time. FANTASTIC, Ceazar.

Adelaida (OUT): I thought it was fabulous. The color story and the incorporation of the environs surrounding the opera house was a great idea. I do sympathize with Chris in that the bust of the outfit doesn't seem wearable, and if so very uncomfortable. The incorporation of the actual building itself seemed a little weak to me as well. However, the hat and skirt were completely amazing and I really am not sure if you'd be out if I judged it... Anyway, I see a promising future lying ahead for you, Adelaida. Good luck and congrats on making it this far.

Stay tuned for the next PR installment.


Blogger George said...

Great blogging, and I'm thankful for your great comments for me and many of the top contenders.
The last elimination(and winner)choice was a TOUGH one. I didn't know what to expect. I did think there was a poor choice with the Sidney Opera House design that no one's mentioned....Velvet as the skirt..? VELVET?! I kept wondering if that was an error..

7:27 PM  
Blogger PSDOL said...

i agree with you chris the dress hadf parts missing i like warasi and ceazar and panda too the wear great the other had original style which that what isee in designs the most lol chris knows that lol

5:34 PM  

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