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Friday, August 18, 2006

Project Designer 4: Suit Up.

Chris Rogers, head of Project Designer, asked me to give a weekly critique on each challenge's Project Designer designs.

This week, I'll comment on each design for the challenge Suit Up. Designers needed to design a suit for the working woman.

Oh and as of this week... eight remained.

Wakasashe-fashion: Excellent win. Believe it or not, it doesn't seem to be my taste. My design is less conservative... literally more bitchy and less colorful o-o. Anyway I love the marriage of the colors. I don't love the size of the skirt but oh well... and the shoe color is random. Save those two blips and a true winner it is.

Sparklefly: Excellent job. I felt that the understated brown fabric paired with the cerulean made for a stunning color combination. The vest and undershirt are adorable, and the back of the sleeved bolero (?) is fabulous. This tailored, chic look could've won in my eyes. Great show, sparkle.

Ceazar: Yet another stunning look from Ceazar. Like Sparklefly, Ceazar chose a brown fabric for the suiting. He made long, tailored pants and a vest with a sharp, geometric lapel and a single button (which I actually believe to be an unexpected innovation). His pairing with the maroon colored undershirt was brilliant, and I love the poofs on the sleeves. In all the look is romantic and feminine. A contender for the win it was, Ceazar.

Panda-eyes: I felt this look was very decent. Panda made, out of all the contestants, a look that resembles a suit the closest. There are a few things less desirable about this piece; I don't love the color of the jacket and skirt... it seems way to conservative and possibly dowdy. Something so buttoned up confuses the entire look when it's paired with a more shouting piece, such as the red and white undershirt. Having said that, this piece is definitely "in."

Catzilla: I adored this. Literally if I had a major say in this challenge, you may have won. It was hip, colorful, and very today. I loved the print of the vest and pants and even more than that, I loved how those prints combined with the brown undershirt. It created a beautiful, tailored look that I could easily see crossing the streets of Madison Avenue.

Adelaida: Um... I don't think that Adelaida put as much effort into this design as she did her others... it seems, as Chris stated, poorly drawn and poorly conceived. The exaggerated dorsal lapel makes her look a little clowny paired with that ribbon on the bottom of the vest. The skirt that poofs out seems inappropriately paired with the top as an intended business suit, and I barely know what that cloud thing is on the skirt. Ruffles? Anyway, Adelaida, you're lucky to still be in.

Lasmith: I really liked this look. The jacket is simple yet classic, animated yet chic. The color palate could've been more gripping, and that probably took the look out of any chance of winning. The skirt, although tailed innovatively, is a bit drab with its plain white color. The undershirt has a cool color combination, the beige and red. Anyway, very good job, Lasmith.

Ilani (OUT): Okay... no, this isn't your best piece ever. It is way too noisy and the color print doesn't work well. The jacket is VERY chic and lovely, and the undershirt is understated and classic, save the collar. You may have wanted to ditch the plaid, seemingly the rest of the garment is already filled with noisy colors. The skirt doesn't seem right for a business suit, but I may be projecting taste. The boots, however, were definitely fabulous. Sorry Ilani, I personally didn't think you should've been eliminated, but someone had to go. Your designs have been seducing thus far and best luck in the future.

And with that said, this is the end of my weekly Project Designer critique. Check back next time when we dive into architecturally inspired couture.



Blogger George said...

Awesome to read you blog! Thanks for spending time to give your input on all our designs. I've had every comment about the skirt length and shoe great and bad! Good to hear the side of the fence you were on.

7:41 PM  

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