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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Challenge Two: Analysis.


Last week, I asked designers Caitlin, Jen, Max, Alex, and Erik to express who they are as a designer. They were given one week to create any design that was them.

Jen and Max came out on top, Max *just* stealing the win from Jen. His design, remade by me, is… Eve.
Alex and Erik were on the bottom of the runway. Alex’s look was confusing and disjointed while Erik’s was boring and unoriginal. Erik got the boot.

Four remain.

Challenge Two: Analysis.

This week, we asked the designers to analyze a collection in the Fall 2006 Olympus fashion week. Upon analyzing, they needed to then create a look to complement their collection while still being “them,” as they demonstrated in the first challenge.


Max Max chose Chado Ralph Rucci to analyze. The design reflected Rucci very well and indeed he followed his own philosophies, but the design itself came out forced and confused. The combination *almost* works, but to an extremely restrained eye it’s a hot mess. The fur on the jacket is cute and it’s interesting that he paired the navy with the fur. However, the lines on the jacket are completely not needed… arbitrary. The judges felt lost with his design.

Jen Jen chose Zang Toi. The design was very Jen; flowy shimmering dress, destined for the night out to some Parisian ballroom. On the other hand, we didn’t see much Zang Toi in the design. Toi DID create dresses… but nothing of this silhouette. One of us found the design a little weak from an aesthetic perspective. The judges wished that the ribbons or whatever were larger. The dress is charming, but that’s about it. Her analysis on Toi wasn’t stellar either.

Alex Alex decided on analyzing and adding to Carmen Marc Valvo. And he very much succeeded. The design was very Valvo: tall, chic, and sexy. The design was also him, dressy yet provocative (with the slit). In total, the overall look was stunning, save a few flaws (the dowdy sleeves). Alex, GREAT improvement.

Caitlin Caitlin designed for willow. She analyzed willow very well and made a piece that I can see in the collection, but where in the outfit is CAITLIN? Basically, she took various pieces from the actual collection and combined them together. It was a hot mess… black sleeved undershirt with provocative lime dressy top (which EXACTLY copied the actual willow design…) and then a navy pencil skirt AND THEN gray leggings (which to me seems matronly… why not black like the top AND like those in the willow collection?). It was too much, and I felt that it came out looking like a bug.


Alex, your piece was Valvo. Your piece was you.Your piece was stunning, and Alex, YOU have won this challenge! Such a stunning improvement from your runway-bottom finishing last challenge!

Max, you’re in.

As for Caitlin and Jen, both of you are in the bottom two. Jen, your dress was somewhat elegant and yes it was you, but we didn’t see too much Zang Toi. We were left wanting more and accordingly were unimpressed. Caitlin, you analyzed willow nicely but we feel that you simply put different clothes of her collection into one piece. The design was so busy and we didn’t see you in it at all.


Challenge three: Size.

… You are to design for an overweight woman of today. In today’s world, obesity plagues our country. There’s a greater need for larger outfits and dresses, but the only thing fashion shows show are dresses and outfits on thin people. You will receive a croquis in the mail by midnight tonight. You MUST use it and your design must be flattering and chic. The midnight after Friday is the deadline.

Good luck.


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