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Friday, September 29, 2006

Le Beau Monde: Finale.


Last time on Le Beau Monde... the contestants had to dress for a heftier woman. There was a little fax problems, so Jen really had to make it work to submt her design. Max didn't make it work and forgot to submit but he's fine with it. Alex created a fur coat and Jen created a morely flattering kimono; Jen won.

Alex and Jen remain.

Final Challenge: Commercial.

We asked the the two finalists to create a two-pieced night-and-day collection to hang in the front of their store. These pieces needed to be marketable, practical, one rtw, one dress, and they both needed to share a palpable theme.

Here are the final results.


Alex ( He created a collection that based around flowers. I thought the collection was very him and charming and flirty-cute, but flowers had been done very much before. The theme itself we all found boring, predictable, and extremely... easy. Find a color like that of a flower and voila. Maybe a symbolic floral object and make a print. In addition, the silhouettes were basic once again. Besides minute details, he didn't deviate from much of a normal silhouette. Especially the day dress... straps don't do much. Still, although simple, the pieces are individually strong and picturesquely Alex. Alex, solid job with the collection.

Jen ( and Jen created a collection based off of the four elements earth, wind, water, and fire; a theme that's not TOO often thought of... somewhat original. The pieces were a bit confusing at first... let's start with day. The top with the lime and pale blue and sorbet was a very busy of a busy color marriage. It also didn't seem to mesh well with the skirt in my opinion, but the skirt itself seemed strong and cohesive. The night-dressier piece was a little more understandable. The angora top with the diamond ornamentation was very sweet. Under it was a summery-colored gown pairable with flipflops... but why did it need to go under that angora top? Do the two really go together? More confusion. Bust still, she created a risky and interesting collection. Strong job as well, Empress Jen.


Alex, your collection was basic and predictable. An easy theme for a basic collection. Still the individual pieces were you: very cute and strong on the flirty woman. Jen, your collection was confused and the color marriage was off. Still, it was risky and strong for separates. The judges were glad you took this chance.

Alex, all of us are really impressed with your tenacity and the fact that you want to stay in fashion. Your Valvo piece was possibly the most stunning in this competition and you continue to charm us with a style that we know is just so you.

Jen, you've been a strong contender tredging throughout the entire competition. And your collection... showed just that. And you know what Jen...




You also will be receiving the $25 gift certificate to Starbucks! Jen, we are all so proud of you and we hope you stay with us in the future. Excellent, excellent job.

... Simply stunning.

And to everyone who took place in this competition, thank you. And a fabulous job as well.


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