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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Le Beau Monde: Size Challenge.


Last week, I asked the designers to analyze an Olympus Fashion week designer (Fall 2006) and add onto their collection. Alex had the clear win, designing for Carmen Marc Valvo. The bottom two were Caitlin and Jen. Caitlin's design wasn't terrible and was seemingly a good edition to willow, however we didn't see HER in the design AND it seemed as thought she took straight from other pieces in the collection. Jen also had a decent design but it didn't seem Zang Toi at all.

Jen survived. Three remain.


Alex ( He decided neutralize the size by adding a large fur coat. Although I didn't feel that this was an overly brilliant solution, it was creative in it's own way and I could see women of that size desiring such clothing. The sash is a bit weird to go with such a voluminous coat. The hat... get rid of it. Besides that, very solid!

Jen ( Jen created a kimono design. It was a perfect choice to slim down a woman! It hugged the curves, the sash was perfect, and it flowed really really well. The colors were funny but I kinda liked it... excellent job Jen.

Max did not submit a design. He is out.


Alex, your design was interesting and creative. I thought there were weak aspects of the design but it overall worked. Jen, you chose a smart path to slim down a woman. The challenge was, indeed, to slim down an overweight woman, and Jen, YOU have won the challenge! Bravo!

And behold our final two... Alex Martin and Jen Black. Congratulations guys, and good luck with the final challenge.

Final Challenge: Commercial.

You are to design a two-piece collection to be hung in the front window of your store. The two designs must contain one day outfit and one night outfit. One of the two must be a dress and one of the two must be rtw. Remember, the dress doesn't have to be the nighttime outfit. Most importantly, it should be practical and sellable. Nothing too haute couture. Finally (and most importantly), I want the two to share a subtle yet palpable theme.

The winner of this will receive $25 Starbucks Gift Certificate and will be crowned the first winner of Le Beau Monde.

... Good luck...


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